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Reason #1: Dedication.

We are The Real Deal — the first and only company that is 100% focused on providing the ultimate in reel-to-reel multitrack analog-to-digital transfers. If you want ultimate transfers, you must use an ultimate transfer facility. At Sonicraft, open reel analog transfers are our business.

• We’re not a rental company that temporarily pulls battered equipment off the road to make “extra money” from transfers.
• We’re not a commercial recording studio that does transfers as a side-business, rolling “the old analog deck” into the control room and handing the job over to an intern.
• We’re not someone’s captive in-house facility that doesn’t have to work hard to earn your business.
• We’re not distracted with video transfer work. We are focused 100% on open reel analog to digital transfers.

Reason #2: Quality. We just can’t stop ourselves.

A2DX Lab is constantly evolving. It represents our fanatical determination to attain the absolute best quality open reel tape transfers over the widest range of formats possible. Our whole business philosophy is based on achieving startlingly good results, and that is the most important reason that you should choose Sonicraft A2DX Lab.

An unrelenting quest for ultimate transfers has driven us to spend man-years in non-stop research, experimentation and listening tests. The Sonicraft A2DX team restored, modified and enhanced a fleet of vintage analog multitrack machines with precision parts, audiophile-grade analog components, and breakthrough tape head technology. We interviewed some of the best people in the business and scrutinized countless options down to the component level to find every possible way to improve the system.

And, we developed a fully optimized transfer chain designed to (1) sound incredible, (2) extract every last nuance from your analog masters and (3) capture every last bit of that wonderfulness in the final product.

You are going to love the results. You’ll hear more quality in your recordings — cleaner, clearer and more detailed — than ever before.

Reason #3: We can transfer ANY analog open reel tape.

If you are wondering if we can transfer your open reel tape into the world of digital mixing, mastering and archiving, the answer is “YES!”

Everything needed is already here: all of the analog tape machines and custom-built head assemblies for every open reel format, the full complement of noise reduction systems including Dolby A, Dolby SR, Dolby B, C & S, dbx Type I & II, and 24-tracks of virtually transparent high-resolution analog-to-digital converters. Our transfer systems are fully optimized and tuned to the max, allowing us to make analog-to-digital transfers of the most exceptional quality.

If your tapes are sticky, shedding, dried out or otherwise challenged, just get them to us. We routinely restore problem tapes so that they play like new.

Even if your tapes were recorded in Europe, we have the experience and resources to handle the equalization curves, tape hubs, noise reduction and track formats found almost exclusively in European studios.

Reason #4: Service. All you have to do is hand us the tapes and you’re done.

From the time we receive your tapes, your transfer troubles are over.

Are you unsure how many tracks are on the tape? What speed it was recorded? What noise reduction system or synchronization method was used? Are your track sheets missing with nothing useful written on the tape boxes?

Don’t worry. We’ll (1) do whatever it takes to prepare the tapes for transfer, (2) match them to the appropriate analog machine, noise reduction system and synchronization method and (3) transfer them with ultimate quality at the sample rate and bit depth you specify.

Each and every tape is handled with gentle care and full awareness of the irreplaceable value of its contents. In the end, we will give you exactly what you need to either dive in and start working on your music or store it away safely.

Don’t wonder if it can be done. Talk to us.